The layout

The layout

Our house has an upstairs with very low, sloping ceiling. This means there is space in each room not much use for doing anything other than fixing radiators. Or building a very low model railway…

We had an IKEA lack table that I saw was pretty much perfect height for the railway in the available space. So using those dimensions I started to measure up what I would need for a railboard, before getting lazy and seeing that if I just screwed 9 more of these €5 tables together I’d have an instant, modular table top. I didn’t need to worry about electrics, or access, as this was just a trainset…

I knew we wanted a reasonably long track, and one that would go in a loop. And ideally we’d like to drive two trains at once. And remember by now we had already bought some DC starter packs rather than DCC… Using some free online tools I came up with this:

Tight radii didn’t seem too big a problem for our existing sets, and it also meant we didn’t need too much new track. We could even imagine our layout in 3D with elevation and a tunnel!

Time to get to work!

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