We have not yet had patience, or courage, to attempt to scratch build typical buildings for our layout. Luckily we found some good and simply options for representative buildings.

Clever paper / Умная бумага produce a full set of HO scale models for railways – including rolling stock. The kits are made of coloured cardboard, and assemble quickly with no glue or cutting required.

The card is generally textured, and sometimes layered. The internals are decorated too if we were ever to light them up. We have quite a few pieces, but gradually removed a few of them in to make way for other pieces.

Krasnodar ‘Max’

Our other great find was Maxsimusdmn who sells his hand-made kits of Russian wood houses on ebay.

an example from Max in Krasnodar

The kits are relatively easy to assemble, and if you are good at painting look fantastic (I was lucky to get a couple pre-made demonstration models from him and they look great. My own building skills on the kits are less evident). The models are hollow and easy to access to so at some point adding interiors would be possible. His range includes fences, garages, and outhouses. Shipping from Krasnodar has been relatively simple too.

The Stations

We currently have two stations – the larger and more recent addition is based on a Faller kit originally depicting Bonn station.

Of the available ready made kits available it was the closest I could find to looking mildly representative.

oops we missed the back of the gable ends…

We added an EU flag to represent that this is the ‘European terminal’ that occassionally welcomes TGV, T.E.E and SNCB services

Our other station is an older kit from Pola ‘Niedlingen’ station. Again, with some adaptation it almost serves its purpose.

I must replace the clocks!

I haven’t quite mastered the right green though. On the smaller station it is too pale, on the larger it is too dark. The intended colour match was Smolensk…

Smolensk – Jan 2015

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