The ‘other’ Class 37!

The ‘other’ Class 37!

Hi there again its Robin and this time I will be talking about my new class 37

A photo of the original I found by searching the internet –

Its called The Rallway Observer.

I know that this sort of class 37 is a populer type and I will tell you about how I got it.

So I told my dad at bedtime that I liked the locomotives in the colours and I thought it would be cool to have two Class 37s both for freight and passengers. And later on that week when I was playing minecraft he said he saw a man selling that type of diesel nearby.

I still had some money saved after the class 40 and the day before I did some litter picking so dad agreed to help a little more. It took me a day to decide if I would pay for it. We met the man near the supermarket and he showed me how to test the motor with a batery,

The engine worked straight away – I tested it first on the big track.

My two engines are to pull frieght. I would like to put them together but I would have to have a dummy. Even tho they are the same class there are a lot of diferinsese. Can you see any? Leave as a comment below

Here are some more picters to help

Talk to you next time with a funny story.

P.S. Oops look at this picture we just found out that it is for scrap.

P.P.S. I think there is a second copy of the engine.

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  1. Cat Johnson says:

    Another great post, Robin. That was lucky that the man selling the class 37 lived nearby and also that you still had money saved to buy it! That sounds like a good tip for how to test the motor too. As well as being different colours do they have different lights too? I’m looking forward to seeing all your engines in real life soon. AC&B xxx

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