Our ‘Russian’ locomotives

Our ‘Russian’ locomotives

Here is an overview of the locomotives we have that operate or operated in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

ТЭ109 / TE109 – Piko

Our first loco was a TE109 as part of the Piko start set (97912) – a powerful diesel of the Lugansk locomotive works in Ukraine. It runs sweet and looks pretty good but is essentially just a re-stickered version of the DR 130 ‘Ludmilla’ model, given it has buffers.

Сапсан – Sapsan – Piko

Along with our ‘Ludmilla’ the Piko start set (96987) was a great value way to get started. Effectively a rebranded Siemens Velaro of the DB, the model doesn’t look quite right without its AC vents etc. However, run it fast enough and you don’t notice!

ЧМЭ3 / ChMe3 – Roco

Our next loco came from Roco (72785) – a Chme3 in the colours of the SZD. A very common Diesel used for shunting. Built by the Skoda locomotive works, these are relatively easy to get by folks like Piko, Roco etc as they were also used in various European countries too. I had been looking for a RZD version, but this was too good a bargain spotted in Continental Modeller magazine. Detail is stunning, but those rails are very fragile!

М62 – Roco

Our M62 is also from Roco (73816). Since our first purchase, the M62 was the only other ‘Soviet’ locomotive I could find online. Another product of Lugansk, it can also be found on various European rail networks. Finding one second hand was tricky, so when these came out as a limited run just in time for my birthday I treated myself. However, whilst i’ve seen an M62 in museums, i’ve never seen one in operation. Like the TE109 and ChMe3, it seems to exist in H0 thanks to its various European iterations. The model is super Roco quality. I was surprised how small it was in comparison to the Ludmilla though.

ЭП2К / EP2K – custom

This should be our pride and joy. Shortly after returning from a trip to introduce Robin to Russia, I impulsively decided to try and get a model of the locomotive that pulled our night train. This would be our first genuinely ‘Russian’ model, and a major indulgence. I found a master builder, misunderstood the price, and paid a deposit. I got a fright when the balance came. I didn’t need any confirmation that my Russian is lousy, but I got it! However, the work was done and the model is a beaut!

What next?

Of course we don’t need anything else. But that doesn’t mean we don’t dream of a ChS2 ‘Cheburashka’, or TEP70 as pulled so many trains I took, or a P36 steam locomotive just for its looks…

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