Influences and sources


Below is a list of some of the places we’ve gone either for influence or to source equipment.

MaximusdmebaySimple yet beautiful kits to build typical wooden houses, in H0 scale.
СвеТТофорSvettofor.ruAlthough the name suggests only TT scale, SveTTofor do H0 lights, and stock various typical scenery pieces like concrete fence panels St Petersburg based modellers who offer a vast range of custom built locomotives, carriages and wagons of the SZD and RZD
Clever paperumbum.ruA range of easy to build, textured card models featuring lots of buildings and wagons from Russia and Soviet Union in H0
Eurotraineurotrain.ruMoscow modellers, currently with the best stock of Ammendorf style wagons and stunning goods wagons. What Peresvet is to TT, Eurotrain are to H0.
Super-Pilotsuper-pilot.ruA well stocked internet shop full of items to envy – mostly Eurotrain but other useful pieces too.’ve had a couple bargains from SCOGRAIL who occassionally stock RZD and SZD kit in the UK – always worth checking their current stock.