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88 versts per hour!

Happy Christmas! We have a new and unusual visitor to our layout – a Delorean time travel machine. The flux capacitor is working, and now we just need a bolt of lightening to go back to the steam age. The model is by NPE in Germany, and looks great!

The Luce

Our layout has some unrealistically steep gradients to clear the ‘Luce’, with we imagine is a river turned shipping canal. Robin named the river after his sister. Rather than a Russian river, it is intended to resemble L’Escaut, that flows through the wider family’s hometown in Belgium. Beyond a sparse line of poplar trees, and…
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The layout

Our house has an upstairs with very low, sloping ceiling. This means there is space in each room not much use for doing anything other than fixing radiators. Or building a very low model railway… We had an IKEA lack table that I saw was pretty much perfect height for the railway in the available…
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