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Robstov on film!

This is our third winter at Robstov. We’ve been working on a beach at the far side of our river, the ‘Luce’. While we wait for another layer to dry we filmed some trains yesterday and made this short video.


We have not yet had patience, or courage, to attempt to scratch build typical buildings for our layout. Luckily we found some good and simply options for representative buildings. Clever paper / Умная бумага produce a full set of HO scale models for railways – including rolling stock. The kits are made of coloured…
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Welcome to our site

Hi, this is Chris and Robin, and we welcome you to our new website about our model railway.   Although we have been working on our layout for nearly three years, we have only just decided to share stories about it. We were inspired today by the work of “My Russian Model Railway” who we stumbled…
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