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The ‘other’ Class 37!

Hi there again its Robin and this time I will be talking about my new class 37 Its called The Rallway Observer. I know that this sort of class 37 is a populer type and I will tell you about how I got it. So I told my dad at bedtime that I liked the…
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Class 37 and Class 40

Hi Robin again This time I will be talking about my two british diesels which are… CLASS 37 AND CLASS 40. So I got my class 37 for my brithday and I got also my class 40 from a shop in Prestwick. Class 37 So I got my class 37 for my brithday – this…
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Baby Robstov!

HI Robin agen I bilt my own modil ralway that can slide under my bed it has a stream with the trak crossing a bridge over the stream and it has a station I got a wooden board. I had to cut it into the right length and I put down the trak. I’ve got…
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Climb aboard!

Hi it’s Robin agen . watch these then Read more. We got a micro carmar and had some fun thoa two moshins were not working. It is fun to see the town right on a container bed.

Metro + Subway = Good transport!

Hey Robin agen! Here is a list of the metros I have been on befor. I like the Moscow metro and we have been on one place that we have been on all the lines i’ll give you a cleu. It is the second pink one. Actuly there is anover one that I have been…
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The night train

Hi Robin agen! Have YOU been on a night trian befor? I went on one befor! I got to stay up late. As we were woking to our carrige we saw a post wagin rite after the EP2K engen. My carrige had a load of bunkbeds all in weerd plases. The bed was bouncy. Wal…
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T.E.E. – Trans Europe Express

Hi Robin agen. Before the start of the layout I got plastic T.E.E. It stands for Trans Europe Express. T.E.E was my fiavrit trian I like the song and clic the piccher beelow. I had a t.e.e teeshert when I was younger. and I have poster of it. And this my Moscow mechrow map. I…
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Have you been to Grand Maket Rossiya?

Hi agen from Robin it was good. Here is a link to see inside – clik the photo. There were A BIG dam , there were A SPACS ROKIT , there were A METRO there were THUNDER !! More photos in the gallery

Meet ‘Number 10’

As well as I have Russshin trians I have a mining train from Dunaskin called Number 10. I go to it oftin. I first went wen I was 2 years old. here I am. Here is more infermiashan – Here is me driveing Number 10

Hi from Robin!

hi my name is Robin. When I started to  help my dad  to build  the layout there wer some traks and all of the rest of the layout was white but  there was a station and trians . My favrit Russshin trian is a sapsan (Сапсан).  I took one it went from Moscow to Petersberg.…
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