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We often travel to Belgium to see family. Near Tournai there are many different trains to see, including regular SNCB trains to Kortrijk, Brussels, and Namur, but also cross border trains to Lille in France. Just south of the city is the high speed line that carries TGV, Eurostar and Thalys services too. We have…
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The ‘other’ Class 37!

Hi there again its Robin and this time I will be talking about my new class 37 Its called The Rallway Observer. I know that this sort of class 37 is a populer type and I will tell you about how I got it. So I told my dad at bedtime that I liked the…
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Class 37 and Class 40

Hi Robin again This time I will be talking about my two british diesels which are… CLASS 37 AND CLASS 40. So I got my class 37 for my brithday and I got also my class 40 from a shop in Prestwick. Class 37 So I got my class 37 for my brithday – this…
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Baby Robstov!

HI Robin agen I bilt my own modil ralway that can slide under my bed it has a stream with the trak crossing a bridge over the stream and it has a station I got a wooden board. I had to cut it into the right length and I put down the trak. I’ve got…
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Climb aboard!

Hi it’s Robin agen . watch these then Read more. We got a micro carmar and had some fun thoa two moshins were not working. It is fun to see the town right on a container bed.

Metro + Subway = Good transport!

Hey Robin agen! Here is a list of the metros I have been on befor. I like the Moscow metro and we have been on one place that we have been on all the lines i’ll give you a cleu. It is the second pink one. Actuly there is anover one that I have been…
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Robstov on film!

This is our third winter at Robstov. We’ve been working on a beach at the far side of our river, the ‘Luce’. While we wait for another layer to dry we filmed some trains yesterday and made this short video.

The night train

Hi Robin agen! Have YOU been on a night trian befor? I went on one befor! I got to stay up late. As we were woking to our carrige we saw a post wagin rite after the EP2K engen. My carrige had a load of bunkbeds all in weerd plases. The bed was bouncy. Wal…
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T.E.E. – Trans Europe Express

Hi Robin agen. Before the start of the layout I got plastic T.E.E. It stands for Trans Europe Express. T.E.E was my fiavrit trian I like the song and clic the piccher beelow. I had a t.e.e teeshert when I was younger. and I have poster of it. And this my Moscow mechrow map. I…
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We have not yet had patience, or courage, to attempt to scratch build typical buildings for our layout. Luckily we found some good and simply options for representative buildings. Clever paper / Умная бумага produce a full set of HO scale models for railways – including rolling stock. The kits are made of coloured…
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